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Leaf Pattern Design

Evening Menu
ca·na·pé      re·de·signed

kanəˌpā, ˈkanəˌpē]       [ˌrēdəˈzīn]

All of our items are freshly made in our kitchen. Please note allow time for preparation

by enjoying a freshly brewed pot of tea or an exquisite glass of wine 

Serving Indoor, Outdoors and Pick-up 

Wednesdays thru Fridays between 5-9pm

Serving Summer Menu until the end of September

Winter Menu begins October


ca·na·pé      re·de·signed

kanəˌpā, ˈkanəˌpē]       [ˌrēdəˈzīn]


Baked Brie $12

Burrata Caprese Salad $12 (GF)

Charcuterie $24


Brisket loves Focaccia $22

Perfectly grilled brisket over red pepper aioli, greens & melted artichoke parmesan +pick a side


Roast Beef au jus $18 slowly cooked in seasoned au jus over pesto aioli +pick a side


Green leaf Chicken Boat $18 +pick a side

Grilled chicken over romaine, tomato, bacon, chives(GF)


Smoked Salmon Carpaccio $20

Surrounding organic greens with a light citrus dressing & crostini

(GF, served without crostini)


Cameela’s Nite Out $20

Enjoy 2 each of the following tea sandwiches, smoked salmon, prosciutto aioli Havarti & caprese surrounding a gourmet salad


Choose a side  A la Carte sides $7 each

Mediterranean Quinoa Salad (Feta, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, garbanzos, light citrus dressing. GF)

Chilean Tomato Salad (sliced vine tomatoes, finely sliced onions and cilantro perfectly seasoned with a light citrus dressing GF)

Organic Greens with Raspberry Vinaigrette (Greens topped with carrots, cranberries and sunflowers seeds. GF)

Smashed potato with avo garlic cashew sauce (GF)

Potato Gratin (GF)


/dəˈzəˈrt/  $9.75ea

Blueberry Matcha Crème Brulee

French Crème Brulee

Italian Cannoli (3)

Panna Cotta topped with chocolate and compote.

New weekly Desserts of the Week listed on Table

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