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Marcela's Lunch Menu

Tea Room Hours 
Tuesday-Saturday 11-2pm 
reservations highly recommended
Enchanted Tea

Traditional Tea Service


Marcela’s High Tea $35

A variety of the Proprietress original 7 tea sandwiches that started the Tea House adventure (open faced garden cucumber, strawberry, savory turkey, chicken salad, apricot ham, strawberry turkey & toasted artichoke parmesan) *Tea sandwich flavors may change without notice* surrounding a gourmet salad, followed by our homemade scone with our own signature lemon curd and assorted mini desserts,

choice of tea + 1 refill (vegetarian available) (Gluten Free/Vegan $45* prior request only)

Cameela’s Afternoon Tea $30

An array of exclusive tastings picked out by our Proprietress in Training herself. Enjoy 2 each of the following Tea sandwiches, Smoked salmon with capers over pumpernickel, Prosciutto aioli Havarti & Caprese, salad, one choice of tea, desert and scone served with our signature lemon curd (Gluten Free $38* prior request only)


Enchanted Full Tea $25

3 pairs of tea sandwiches, 2 cucumbers, 2 toasted artichoke parmesan, and 2 savory turkey, surrounding a gourmet salad, desserts and our homemade scone with our own signature lemon curd and cream,

one pot of tea (Gluten Free/Vegan $35* prior request only)

Princess Ali $16.50 (ideal for our younger guests)

2 garden cucumber & 2 strawberry tea sandwiches, sweet treat and our homemade scone served with our lemon curd, all surrounding fresh fruit and choice of one pot of tea or hot cocoa (Gluten Free/Vegan $26.50* prior request only)

 All plates are priced & proportioned per person

All dine-in guests must order a plate - Split Charge $6 per plate - $2.50 per substitution 

All parties of 8 or more, No split checks & 20% gratuity will be added to the final bill

Princess Ali Tea

Light & Quick Lunch



choose from options below, our complete lunches include one pot of tea, scone & gourmet salad (additional tea refill of same or different flavor $7-$12)

Savory Turkey signature spread, cucumbers on crustless wheat bread $22 (GF/V/DF $32)

Savory Black Forest Ham signature spread, cucumbers on crustless wheat bread $22 (GF/V/DF $32)

Savory Vegetarian signature spread, organic greens, carrots, cucumbers, sprouts, roasted peppers on crustless wheat bread $22 (Gf/V/DF $29)                                                      Chicken salad sandwich chicken breast, pecans & cranberries on crustless buttermilk bread $22 (GF $32)                                                                                                                        

Grilled Panini roasted red peppers over a basil aioli, choice of meat: black forest ham, roast beef or turkey $22

Caprese Panini basil aioli, mozzarella, tomato & fresh basil $22  

Ham & Cheese Quiche $22

Protein Gourmet Salad $20 great gluten free option 

Organic greens, a scoop of our chicken salad surrounded by carrots, cranberries, strawberries, cucumbers, almonds, pecans, sunflowers seeds

served with our house raspberry dressing (Gluten Free or Dairy Free scone +$6.50)


Au Jus Roast Beef $17

served with a side gourmet salad and house dressing.

Add a scone +$3.85 Add a pot of tea +$7.00


Ask for daily availability (available only in cold weather Oct-March)

Tomato Basil Bisque $8 

Lobster Bisque $10 

Add a scone +$3.85 Add a pot of tea +$7.00

 All plates are priced & proportioned per person

All dine-in guests must order a plate - Split Charge $6.50 per plate - $2.50 per substitution 



High Noon Sips


VINO & Fine Champs

Rose & Whites

Verdi, Sparkling Rose (Italy) $25B $7G

Conte Placido DOCG, Moscato d’Asti (Italy)$35B $9G

Prescription, Chardonnay (Napa) $42B $11G

Michael David, Chardonnay (Lodi) $35B $9G

Longevity, Chardonnay (Ceres) $35B $9G

Cavaliere D’oro, Pinot Grigio (Italy) $35B $9G

Lunardi, Pinot Grigio (Italy)$39B $10G

French Blue, Sauvignon Blanc (France) $42B $11G



Segura Viuda, Brut (Spain) $12B 187ml

Segura Viuda, Rose (Spain) $12B 187ml

Segura Viuda, Brut (Spain) $45B $12G

Veuve Clicquot, Brut Yellow Label (France) $143B



Foris, Pinot Noir (Rogue Valley) $45B $13G

Longevity, Cabernet Sauvignon (Ceres) $42B $11G

Liberty School, Cabernet Sauvignon (Paso Robles) $45B $12G

Michael David, Cabernet Sauvignon (Lodi) $35B $9G

Bollini, Merlot (Italy) $3B5 $9G

French Blue, Bordeaux (France) $42B $11G

067, Tempranillo (Central Coast) $45B $12G

Luigi Bosca, Malbec (Argentina) $45B $12G

Caymus Cabernet Sauvignon (Caymus Vineyards) $189B



Tiffany or Specialty mimosa$10 / Tiffany Carafe $34

Orange or Cranberry Mimosa $8 /Carafe $28

A la Carte

  • Pot of hot Tea $7 (3 cups)

  • Pitcher of iced Tea $8 (4 cups)      

  • Second Flush Premier Tea $12 (3 cups) 

  • Pot of hot cocoa $8 (4 cups)

  • 16oz Hot tea to Go $4 

  • Iced tea of the day to Go $4    

  • Scone with lemon curd $3.85 

  • Dessert Plate $9 (an assortment of 3 mini desserts)   

  • Specialty full size Desserts $9 - $12

  • Homemade soup of the day Cup $5-$7  (cold weather only)

  • Side Salad $4.50  

  • Quiche slice $8.80

Tea Sandwiches and SaladsA la Carte


Tea sand·​wich | \ ˈsan(d)-ˌwich: A little party in your mouth


  • Garden Cucumber 4/$7 (GF/DF/V 2/$7.70)                                      

  • Open faced Strawberry 4/$7 (GF/DF/V 2/$7.70) 

  • Toasted Artichoke Parmesan 4/$8 (GF 2/$7.70)

  • Fresh Strawberry & Turkey 4/$8 (GF/DF 2/$8.80)  

  • Black forest ham & Apricot 4/$8 (GF/DF 2/$8.80)

  • Smoked Salmon 2/$8 (GF/DF 2/$8.80)     

  • Caprese, basil aioli, tomato, mozzarella, fresh basil 4/$8 (GF2/$8.80)               

  • Chicken salad sandwich, pecans, cranberries 4/$8 (GF  2/$8.80)  

  • Savory Ham, cucumber and our signature spread 4/$8 (GF/DF 2/$8.80

  • Savory Turkey, cucumber and signature spread 4/$8 GF/DF 2/$8.80)

  • Savory Vegetarian, greens, carrots, marinated onions, cucumber 4/$8 (GF/V/DF 2/$8.80)   

  • Roast beef Roasted pepper 4/$8 (GF/DF 2/$8.80)                      

  • Grilled Panini Ham, Roast Beef or Turkey $9.5

Caprese Salad $10.50

vine ripe tomatoes, basil, marinated mozzarella over a light bed of organic greens drizzled with balsamic


Strawberry cucumber Salad $10.50

Refreshing fresh strawberries and cucumbers over a light bed of organic greens topped with feta & drizzled with balsamic


image1 (21)_edited.jpg

Protein Salad

Party Trays

for catering and to go orders only 

(by pre paid special order only)
  • Scone$46 dz 

  • Lemon curd $14.95

  • Homemade creme 8oz jar $14.00

  • Cinnamon Butter 8oz jar $14.00 seasonal only

  • mini desserts $3.95 each

Prices and Menu Selections
are subject to change without notice
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