I believe in providing only the best and freshest ingredients, I also believe in minimizing food waste when possible. It helps us tremendously and allows us to prepare accordingly if you place your reservation in advance and let us know what food choices you would like to enjoy. 


You can call or text to make your reservation along with your lunch selections for each of your guests in your party 24 hrs in advance to:



How to pre-order 

  1. Call or Text 760-264-4141

  2. Name on the Reservation

  3. Date and time

  4. Number of people attending

  5. Lunch selection for each person 

Marcela's Lunch Menu



Marcela’s Afternoon High Tea  $28

8 Tea sandwiches, a lovely tasting of each of our most popular selections,  surrounding a petite gourmet salad, followed by our homemade scone with lemon curd and cream, an assortment of 3 mini desserts, and choice of tea. Unlimited tea refills. *Gluten Free $35* Available with a prior request only. Proprietress favorite

Enchanted Full Tea  $19

3 pair of tea sandwiches, 2 cucumber, 2 savory turkey, and 2 toasted artichoke parmesan surrounding a gourmet salad, followed by 2 mini desserts and our homemade scone with lemon curd and cream, one pot of tea. *Gluten Free $25* Available with a prior request only.  


Princess Ali  $15  Light and ideal for young guests

2 garden cucumber & 2 strawberry tea sandwiches, sweet treat and scone, all surrounding fresh fruit and one pot of tea. *Gluten Free $17* Available with a prior request only.

Tea Room Lunch  $17

Choice of Sandwich, turkey, ham, vegetarian sandwich, or Chicken salad sandwich

includes a salad with our signature dressing, homemade scone served with lemon curd and one pot of tea.  

*Gluten free $23*                      

Grilled Panini  $17

Deliciously grilled, with a choice of turkey, or black forest ham, with basil aioli and roasted red bell peppers, salad, homemade scone served with lemon curd and one pot of tea. 


Low Carb Lunch

4 meat rolls, 2 ham & 2 Turkey, salad and one pot of tea $15

8 meat rolls, 4 ham & 4 Turkey, salad and one pot of tea $18

*Gluten free*

Protein Gourmet Salad & Tea $18

Organic greens, carrots, cranberries, blueberries, cucumber & a scoop of chicken salad, served with our house raspberry dressing, includes a scone served with lemon curd and one pot of tea

*Gluten free, you must request a GF scone*

Quiche & salad $17

Ham & cheese quiche slice, salad served with our signature raspberry dressing, scone served with lemon curd and one pot of tea




Refreshing strawberry and cucumber over a bed of organic greens topped with feta,

drizzled with honey balsamic


·       CAPRESE

Vine ripe tomatoes, basil, mozzarella drizzles with balsamic

All plate are priced & proportioned per person
All dine-in guests must order a plate  
*sorry No splitting plates*
$2.50 per substitution 

High Noon Sips

  • Sparkling Rose Spumante $22b $6g

  • Chardonnay (Cellar 8, California)  $20b $6g

  • Chardonnay (Prescription, California) $30b $9g

  • Champagne (Segura Viuda, Spain)  $32b $8g

  • Bordeaux (Chateau Mazatier, France)  $30b $9g

  • Tempranillo (Spain)  $30b $9g

  • Malbec (Luigi, Argentina) $45b $12g

  • Cabernet $20b $6g

  • Merlot $20b $g

  • Mimosas (Orange or Cranberry) 

  • Seasonal Mimosa 

  • Mimosa Carafe $28 

A la Carte

  • Pot of hot Tea $6  (4 cups)

  • Pitcher of iced Tea $8 (4 cups)

  • Tier 1 Exclusive Tea $8  (4 cups)           

  • Second Flush Premier Tea $12  (4 cups) 

  • Pot of hot cocoa $8 (4 cups)

  • 16oz Hot tea to Go $3.50 

  • Iced tea of the day to Go $3.50     

  • Scone with lemon curd $3.50   

  • Dessert Plate $7 (an assortment of 3 mini desserts)   

  • Homemade soup of the day Cup $4  (cold weather only)

  • Side Salad $3   

  • Quiche slice $8 

Tea Sandwiches & Salads a la carte

Open Face Sandwiches selections

(one flavor per order) 4 Quarters $5

  • Garden Cucumber   

  • Open-faced Strawberry  

  • Toasted Artichoke Parmesan  

  • Fig and cucumber


Closed Meat Sandwiches Selections 

(one flavor per order)  4 Quarters $6.50

  • Strawberry smoked Turkey

  • Black forest ham and apricot 

  • Chicken salad with pecans and cranberries 

  • Savory ham, cucumber, and signature spread 

  • Savory turkey, cucumber, and signature spread 

  • Savory Vegetarian, lettuce, carrots, marinated red onions cucumber and signature spread

  • Ham Chive with parsley garnish


Party Trays

for catering and to go only 

(by pre paid special order only)
  • Scone$36 dz 

  • Lemon curd $14.95

  • Homemade creme 8oz jar $14.00

  • Cinnamon Butter 8oz jar $14.00

  • Fruit tray (10-12 people) $48

  • Veggie tray (10-12 people) $48

  • Cheese & cracker tray (10-12 people) $48

  • Meat, cheese & cracker tray (10-12 people) $48

  • Assorted Tea sandwiches                                                   (open faced $14/dz closed sandwiches $18/dz

  • Rose mini cakes $25 per dozen 

  • Fruit tart large (12 servings) $40

Prices and Menu Selections
are subject to change without notice